MCR: Waxing Yin-Yang – Really?!

Reference Moon Widget to gain a deeper sense of this reading for your-Self.


First Quarter:  Ok, so where on earth am I?  New Year, New Moon and hear Aigh am sitting here wondering to my-Self.  Easy enough to do while breathing aloud in order to fill the blank “space” that surrounds me.  Focus on the sound of your-Self the heavenly soul within is much closer than One might think – really.

Allow the real to replay as the images flicker to mind.  One will naturally stick, there’s some-thing hear you’re missing.  A dynamic, a sound, a taste, a fragrance, a look, a glance, a gaze, a some-thing that will alter a perspective is there.  Closer “it” is in reflection the harder “it” is to see.  Do not open your eyes to look away, rather breathe deeply and separate your-Self another step.

Self-check: OMG… I’m in the scene now.  What?  What am I doing?  Why am I acting like that?  What is that expression on my face?  I don’t remember that!  And, what on earth was I thinking with that get up!  OMG… I-me-Aigh played a part.  OMG… Aigh just saw my-Self in action.  Really?!  Imagine that…


What Is:

Take three slow deep breaths and ask your-Self: Where am Aigh at this moment? How do Aigh feel right now? Aigh sense _______ is real & true for me today.

What May Be:

Allow your-Self to envision a good faith spot to land then ask your-Self:  What’s at risk? Is what Aigh envision in my best interest?  Do Aigh trust my-Self to land on my feet?

What Was:

Stuck here? Today is a G_od day to take a leap of faith for your-Self.  Summon your-Self to take steps then allow momentum to take over.  Psst – this is the way out of the past.  Step into What Is it’s what’s next. Do it for your-Self NOW!


Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


Ha… Whapuuuuuu…




Wondering what this is all about all about?  Download a free copy of Image of Reflection and see what the buzz is all about for your-Self.  Enjoy!


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