MCR: Waning Yin-Yang – That’s a wrap!

Ten years, Ten months and Ten days since the first Mirror™ card came to me this last Image of Reflection™ post is going up.  It’s been an amazing journey.  As writers my son’s and I created a body of work that was read and downloaded by millions around the world.  As a publisher I founded and built a company to design, engineer and construct a beautiful video game version of the work with an array of captivating websites to go with it.  The art work is stunning to say the least.  It needed to be to support a body of work designed to capture the imagination on balance.

What I failed to do was create something that was easily categorized, slotted or classified.  I understood this going in.  The “thing” is this is One story that was meant to be told in its native tongue.  Aigh did this to the best of my ability with every One I came in contact with on the way to writing this last post.  The result is a body of work that even if you don’t get “it” in the moment is Mirrorly™ beautiful in nature.  Yes it’s hard to believe, the truth usually is, that’s why one has to have faith.

Aigh want to personally thank each and every One of U who have read, followed along, commented, shared or otherwise played apart along the way.  As for the team and Aigh, well we’re off for a Life of Riley.  Can you imagine?  In reflection at this point Aigh’m going out on balance at a time of my own choosing.

Is this what is called winning, living or Mirrorly™ surviving to tell the story as crazy as it sounds?  It’s not knoing… after actually having been there my-Self – truth.

On balance Aigh’m at peace with all we’ve created.  For a creator to feel that way it means the project is complete, even if the work isn’t finished.  That’s a wrap!  Whapuuuuuu… Ha…  Imagine that…


Peace and Courage to all beings of the Realm


Roger Egner – Aigh…

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