MCR: Waning Yin-Yang – Balance on a High Holiday

Reference Moon Widget to gain a deeper sense of this reading for your-Self.


Whapuuuuuu… Ah…  Silence, Peace and quiet for just a moment.  Yang-dom – “things” are in motion at this stage, so running here and there would be common place or normal.  The fact the stars have aligned is mirrorly™ a coincidence or not based on ones beliefs.

This is a high time for gathering.  Naturally it seems like ages since the last time as a re-acquaintance phase plays out.  This is a time for telling your story.  The who, what, where & when of what’s been going on.  Some stories change by the second while others never seem to change at all.

Self-check: Hum… they either kno every-thing about me or Aigh’m removed tending to my own business and just being hear stirs up old juices.  It seems like at one time or another Aigh’ve been from one extreme to the other phasing through all the shades in between.  Not knoing… what to divulge?  What Aigh’ve found is on the surface my story hasn’t changed much over the years. “Aigh’m busy being me, doing my thing, reaching out with a hand of G_od faith to those who come my way.  Behind the scenes life is naturally a fluid dynamic noted for the highs and lows, but on balance it’s G_od to be hear!  And U?”  On occasion Aigh’ll get; “But what does that mean?” To which Aigh respond; “Exactly, it’s not knoing…  So if comes to U let me kno Aigh’m all ears.”  U’ll be amazed at the number of directions a conversation can go in from there.  No-thing like stirring the wu to have a little fun at a party.  Imagine that…


What Is:

Take three slow deep breaths and ask your-Self: Where am Aigh at this moment? How do Aigh feel right now? Aigh sense _______ is real & true for me today.

What May Be:

Allow your-Self to envision a good faith spot to land then ask your-Self:  What’s at risk? Is what Aigh envision in my best interest?  Do Aigh trust my-Self to land on my feet?

What Was:

Stuck here? Today is a G_od day to take a leap of faith for your-Self.  Summon your-Self to take steps then allow momentum to take over.  Psst – this is the way out of the past.  Step into What Is it’s what’s next. Do it for your-Self NOW!


Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


Ha… Whapuuuuuu…




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