MCR: Third-Eye – Moving on…

Reference Moon Widget to gain a deeper sense of this reading for your-Self.


Just past full moon lies the Waning Low Meridian and coming off the light extreme “things” should lessen in intensity because moving on is what’s naturally next.  Whether it’s “the distance” or the preverbal dropping of “it” we’ve gone from insight to action in what seems like an overnight occurrence.

Moving on comes naturally since “life” is always in motion and we’re heading into balance on the back side of Brother Moon’s cycle in Yang-dom.  Being a time of action “things” can be easily forwarded.  This can come in a blurt, a knee jerk or an off the cuff type of manner.  Once “it” is out-there go with “it” if “it” makes the most sense.

Self-check:  Just like that?  If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?  These are “get off the dime” type of questions that naturally come to mind.  They come from insight within your-Self.  Aigh’m one who naturally noodles “things” over, we all do to One degree or another.  This insight, conscious or not, arises and spills out.  Doesn’t always make sense at first as the pieces and fragments of a notion come together, all it takes is a trigger to make “it” happen.  Hu-mans naturally push each other’s buttons, it’s what makes “things” happen hear on earth.  If you’re right “there” right now breathe freely as U step into “it” as if “I kno” what’s next.  If you’re destiny awaits then on balance take a step towards it.  It’s a G_od time of the cycle to be moving on.  Imagine that…


What Is:

Take three slow deep breaths and ask your-Self: Where am Aigh at this moment? How do Aigh feel right now? Aigh sense _______ is real & true for me today.

What May Be:

Allow your-Self to envision a good faith spot to land then ask your-Self:  What’s at risk? Is what Aigh envision in my best interest?  Do Aigh trust my-Self to land on my feet?

What Was:

Stuck here? Today is a G_od day to take a leap of faith for your-Self.  Summon your-Self to take steps then allow momentum to take over.  Psst – this is the way out of the past.  Step into What Is it’s what’s next. Do it for your-Self NOW!


Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


Ha… Whapuuuuuu…




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