MCR: Third-Eye – insight-out

Reference Moon Widget to gain a deeper sense of this reading for your-Self.


Whapuuuuuu… Ha… In a rush the high of the holidays has come and gone, it’s time to take a spell to reflect for your-Self.  Phasing by the Waxing Low Meridian is a sign the shift from action to insight is upon us.

There is much to be gained in reflection of the recent past.  It’s G_od to use measured breathing when opening the mind to wonder.  Hear the inner Skeptic gets to be heard while on balance.  Since there’s no harm in dayDreaming for a few minutes there’s no-thing to fear.  Whapuuuuuu… Ha…  From hear if U wondered what You typically think when you’re “on” wouldn’t what’s next be a different image in the mirror?  It’s not knoing…

Self-check: Sure, anything is possible in a dayDream, but what does that mean in “real” life?  Hears the “thing” when one wonders there’s room to play and if you’re a live hu-man being your unconscious has a take on “things” and gets to be heard.  The mirror™ fact that dreams can appear extreme is that it’s the other side of your own “take” on things.  On balance inspiration can be found by mixing some of what comes to mind during this time.  Shifts begin from insight-out and Awaken Mind is openly receptive up ahead during Yin-dom. Skeptical?  Its natural U should be.  Try “it” for your-Self – wonder what U think.  Imagine that…


What Is:

Take three slow deep breaths and ask your-Self: Where am Aigh at this moment? How do Aigh feel right now? Aigh sense _______ is real & true for me today.

What May Be:

Allow your-Self to envision a good faith spot to land then ask your-Self:  What’s at risk? Is what Aigh envision in my best interest?  Do Aigh trust my-Self to land on my feet?

What Was:

Stuck here? Today is a G_od day to take a leap of faith for your-Self.  Summon your-Self to take steps then allow momentum to take over.  Psst – this is the way out of the past.  Step into What Is it’s what’s next. Do it for your-Self NOW!


Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


Ha… Whapuuuuuu…




Wondering what this is all about all about?  Download a free copy of Image of Reflection and see what the buzz is all about for your-Self.  Enjoy!


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