MCR: Third-Eye – I see

Reference Moon Widget to gain a deeper sense of this reading for your-Self.


Right on time we’ve phase by the Waning Low Meridian.  “Things” are naturally beginning to take place as we head into balance on the High Holiday.  If you’re not feeling “it” at this point it may be time to add some sacredness to the process.  This is a time of outward displays, some pomp & circumstance is a G_od thing at this time.  Gestures need not be grand to be touching.

Despite the fact “we always do that” it is the actual practice of a ceremony that mixes the auras within a room.  This levels the playing field if you will, by drawing attention to the central reason/purpose for being there.  Focusing this point in a common mindset from the onset has a real way of bring individuals together into a party.  A G_od way to set the tone if you will.

Self-check:  Why am I here?  What am I doing here?  What is my purpose here?  How did I even get here?  And… who are all “these” people?  Why Aigh’m here is truly not knoing… because I’d be afraid to admit it if I didn’t kno, I kno that much.  What Aigh’m doing hear rings a few bells now that Aigh hear an opening come to mind.  As individual, unique, complex, deep, funny, smart, intelligent etc. that I see/feel/think my-Self to be, Aigh am but a single piece/member of a larger family mosaic.  Aigh was born into “it,” but these are the ones who raised/lifted me up.  My purpose here is to honor to these G_od souls “Like” it or not. Who are all “these” people?  They’re my people for G_od, Bad or Indifferent, it’s where I’m from.  Imagine that…


What Is:

Take three slow deep breaths and ask your-Self: Where am Aigh at this moment? How do Aigh feel right now? Aigh sense _______ is real & true for me today.

What May Be:

Allow your-Self to envision a good faith spot to land then ask your-Self:  What’s at risk? Is what Aigh envision in my best interest?  Do Aigh trust my-Self to land on my feet?

What Was:

Stuck here? Today is a G_od day to take a leap of faith for your-Self.  Summon your-Self to take steps then allow momentum to take over.  Psst – this is the way out of the past.  Step into What Is it’s what’s next. Do it for your-Self NOW!


Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


Ha… Whapuuuuuu…




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