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MCR: Waning Yin-Yang – That’s a wrap!

Ten years, Ten months and Ten days since the first Mirror™ card came to me this last Image of Reflection™ post is going up.  It’s been an amazing journey.  As writers my son’s and I created a body of work that was read and downloaded by millions around the world. ...
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FYI: Recurring Wonder

Jumping into the Realm here is the deep end of the pool of reflections. Having a sense of the Cards leading up to this point is to your advantage when trying to figure out what you’ve just come across. In the Realm stepping back can put one further ahead.  Imagine...
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FYI: Public Reading Table pt5 – making it personnal

Modeled below is one of migh personal G_od faith readings.  If this gets you wondering in Mirror™ reflection of your-Self – you’re doing “it” “right” for your-Self.  Enjoy!   9)  Checking in with migh-Self Aigh feel joyful w/some underlying sadness.  What that’s about for me is being close to publishing...
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