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Migh name is Roger Egner and Aigh am Crazy Buffalo. Eight years ago Aigh began writing a deck of spiritual Oracle Cards based on the Tao Te Ching. Aigh was in the 43rd year of migh being, in the 18th year of migh marriage and in the stresses and duresses of mid-life. Aigh had two sons in the prime of their teenage years and had recently relocated cross-country. Aigh was lost in the process of figuring out what to do with migh-self in this new time-n-place, having taken care of everyone else.

For years Aigh had been a reader of Tarot and Spiritual Oracle cards when seeking insight for migh-self. I had never envisioned myself writing anything, much less a deck of Oracle cards. Truth is, writing wasn’t migh thing back then and had you asked me, I would’ve told you a story all about “it.”

“It” did make me wonder though what kind of experience it would take/be to create an Oracle deck of cards. So Aigh set out to find out just what it would “be” to accomplish this task. The next “thing” Aigh recall is waking up on a carpet humbled from a fall.

Aigh had crossed the line and lived to speak of “it.” So Aigh did, with a Zen Priest. Aigh queried, “Where do Aigh begin?” He replied with a laughing howl, “Why at the beginning, where else?!” and pointed me to the Tao. I asked, “What’s this “thing” all about?” He howled even louder saying, “It’s not knoing… you’re going to love it!” Migh sons are naturally closer to the origin than Aigh given our places in life so Aigh looked to them for their insights upon reading “it.” It was then that the cards began to flow from each One of us.

Image of Reflection™ and the Mirror™ Cards that make up the realm were all channeled in G_od faith. From where or from who is not knoing… any-thing more would be pure speculation. That is the truth as Aigh’ve come to kno “it.” And… as crazy as that may sound at first the harmonic balance that is a natural by-product of “it” is some-thing to behold in this life.

“It’s” written in the cards for each One of us to come to this place naturally. You don’t have to be G_od at playing games to come out a winner in the realm. All One needs is the courage and faith enough of your own to gaze into the looking glass. What’s next in mirror reflection is not knoing… On the other side of that, it’s for you to choose. Fore in the realm all spirits really do choose for themselves – it’s what’s next!

Imagine that… and “it” will soon appear.

Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm