80 – G_od: Good or God?

Whapuuuuuu… Ha…

Another:  What if I am afraid “I don’t kno?”  Why must I choose between One or Another?

One:  Hum… it’s not knoing…  Could you choose to just “be” and flow between as “it” naturally comes?  What’s at risk to level off in a comfortable place where you can naturally be your-Self?

Another: “I DON’T KNO, I DON’T KNO, I DON’T KNO!  I always get to this point cheat my-Self by not trusting my-Self to let it happen.  Ticks me off to no end too.

One:  Hum, not a G_od thing when we end at the start.  Since you see no end it’s no-wonder the start of what’s next seems so far away.  It’s a G_od thing it’s closer that you think and little wonder that it’s the G_od sense within ones’ Self that can turn things Insightout.

Another: Peace already, I’m dying to kno!  Help me!  You’re the One!

One: Whapuuuuuu… Ha… It’s not knoing… but it sounds as if the end is nearing alright.  Is it enough that a G_od sense is what comes from having G_od faith in ones’ Self?

Another:  Is that all Aigh’m left with in the end?

One:  Well, that and a fresh start.  It’s what naturally follows the end you’re dying to kno all about.  Congratulations you’re hear at the end.  Now take three slow deep breaths and choose for your-Self.

Another:  Whapuuuuuu… Ha… Whapuuuuuu… Ha… Whapuuuuuu… Ha… Hum…  Well if Aigh’m the one dealing all the cards Aigh choose to live with the G_od sense that’s truly within me in G_od faith it is enough to see me through whatever comes my way.  Aigh get that the only thing this changes in real life is how Aigh choose to respond to the chaos as it spins by me on balance.  Aigh can envision that for migh-Self!  Imagine that…

Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


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