42 – What was, what maybe & what is (fixed at release)

It’s ironic that at the end of things the images of a passed life flash by in Mirror™ reflection.  Helpless to do any-thing about it “What is” is not knoing in the moment.

The only thing left to hang onto was the faith I spent a lifetime paying lip service to.  Praying it was enough Aigh found the prospects of “What may be” in G_od faith to be a G_od sense one should bask in peacefully for your-self.

Seeing the end images for your-self before one expires happens in real time before your very eyes day in and day out in this life.  What one consciously recalls in reflection is the unconscious memory of the critical events.  The insight of these recollections can shed the light of another perspective of your-self in G_od faith.

What was, is and will ever be not knoing… being at peace with your-self along the way to what’s next in G_od faith is the treasure that a waits.  This card’s appearance provides a framework for accessing hindsight to gain insight for your-self.  Imagine that…

Peace and Courage to all beings of the realm


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